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Not much to say. Just a mindless project that might be a bit of fun. This list is constantly provisional. Actress Up in the Air. Anna Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine, to Janice Cooke , an accountant, and William Kendrick, a teacher. She has an older brother, Michael Cooke Kendrick , who has also acted.

Like a sensible person, I booked an early flight home and chalked the whole thing up to the magic and mystery that is New York. But no sooner had I put my coat on the peg than it started up again.

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A number of the mothers in my set began making sardonic comments along similar lines. The daytime talk shows to which I am mildly and happily addicted worried the subject to death, revived it, and worried it some more.

Phil-who, like his mentor Oprah Winfrey, has an uncannily precise sense of what American women in the aggregate are thinking about-noted on his Web site that "sexless marriages are an undeniable epidemic.

And I must say that an article in Redbook that warns desperate couples away from a product called Good Head Oral Delight Gel-"the consistency is like congealed turkey fat"-deserves some kind of award for service journalism. Patricia Heaton, a star of Everybody Loves Raymon has published a memoir called Motherhood and Hollywoo in which she observes, "Sex?

Forget about it. I mean that literally.

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And Allison Pearson's much loved novel about a busy working mother, I Don't Know How She Does It which opens with the main character engaged in just such a late-night projectfeatures a woman so tired that she's frantic to escape sex with her husband, prompting Margaret Carlson, of Time magazine, to observe, "Sleep is the new sex. And so we turn our curious attention to the marital therapist Michele Weiner Davis, whose new book, The Sex-Starved Marriage, is so well timed and so aptly titled that it is primed to become a cultural sensation.

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Davis is not particularly interested in the cause of this strange turn of events, though she tosses around the expected observations about the exhaustion that dogs contemporary working parents and the reduction in lust that has always gone along with marriage. Hers is not a deep-thinking, reflective kind of book but, rather, a get-cracking-and-solve-the-problem kind of book.

She's armed to the teeth with them. She has created a "passion-building toolkit" filled with "field-tested" techniques-none of them bad. Although I found Part IV "Doing It Together" far more appealing than a scary mini-chapter called "The Do-It-Yourself Solution," her notions about how to jump-start the old hanky-panky seem eminently reasonable.

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Make "romantic overtures," she counsels. A wife might buy some new lingerie; a husband might wear flattering clothes. Most important, though, is a recommendation based on exciting new "research" revealing that for many people, waiting for the urge to strike is pointless; better to bash ahead and hope for the best. Davis asks, "Have you ever noticed that although you might not have been thinking sexual thoughts or feeling particularly sexy, if you push yourself to 'get started' when your spouse approaches you, it feels good, and you find yourself getting into it?

I really enjoyed it. What's odd here is not the suggestions themselves-each seems quite sensible, and I myself can vouch for more than one of them-but, rather, the generation that apparently needs them.

By the time Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson abruptly fired the handful of the people renovating their Malibu mansion, refusing to pay for work they said was shoddily done, electrician Rand Gauthier

American adults under the age of fifty tend to know more about sex and its many delightful permutations than did streetwalkers of an earlier century. When Davis describes the process of arousal "You notice a feeling of fullness in your pelvic area as your genitals become engorged with blood"you might think she was addressing a seventh-grade health class rather than adults of the post-sexual-revolution era.

Yuppies, with that winsome arrogance that is all their own, proudly describe the nature and frequency of their premarital couplings with a specificity matched only by advanced seminars on animal husbandry.

The reason abortion rights hold such a sanctified position in American political life is that they are a critical component of the yuppie program for maximum personal sexual pleasure.

But let these inebriates of nooky enter marriage, a state in which ongoing sexuality often has as much to do with old-fashioned notions of obligation and commitment as it does with the immediate satisfaction of intense physical desire, and they grow as cool and limp as yesterday's Cobb salad.

All of this makes me reflect that those repressed and much pitied s wives-their sexless college years!

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their boorish husbands, who couldn't locate the clitoris with a flashlight and a copy of Gray's Anatomy! In the old days, of course, there was the wifely duty. A housewife understood that in addition to ironing her husband's shirts and cooking the Sunday roast, she was-with some regularity-going to have relations with the man of the house. Perhaps, as some feminists would have us believe, these were grimly efficient interludes during which the poor humped-upon wife stared at the ceiling and silently composed the grocery list.

Or perhaps not. Maybe, as Davis and her "new" findings suggest, once you get the canoe out in the water, everybody starts happily paddling. The notion that female sexuality was unleashed forty years ago, after lying dormant lo these uncountable millennia, is silly; more recent is the sexual shutdown that apparently takes place in many marriages soon after they have been legalized.

J ane GreerRedbook 's online sex therapist, has a thriving midtown-Manhattan practice.

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When I asked her about what I had been hearing, she told me that she has seen many married couples who have gone without sex for periods of time ranging from six months to six years. The wife had the expectation of raising the children and pleasing him. Now they're both working and both taking care of the children, and they're too exhausted and resentful to have sex.

The answer was immediate and unequivocal: " Absolutely! And this, of course, is the general plot of I Don't Know How She Does Itwhich has the heroine, Kate Reddy, playing dead in the sack for a world of nights until, at book's end, she resigns from her job and runs into her husband's arms.

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We have been pointedly instructed by the author not to imagine that this character is based on her own husband, Anthony Lane, but it's just about impossible not to do exactly that. It was more like a shadow dance: I still wanted him and I think he wanted me, but we hadn't touched in a very long time. A pigeon family constructs a nest outside Kate's office window and teaches her valuable lessons about motherhood.

Still, though, the book has struck a chord-on an episode of Oprah devoted to the book Oprah Winfrey introduced it as "the new bible for working mothers.

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The dominant feature of Kate's attitude toward her husband-that is, before they resume making the sound of Us-is blistering contempt. Contempt for his work: he is a quietly successful architect, given to building whimsical little structures like Peace Pagodas, a pursuit that leaves him time to make pesto and watch Disney videos with the kids while she strides off to her high-paying, high-pressure job.

Contempt for his inability to notice if the family has run out of toilet paper or whether the children are properly dressed for a birthday party. Contempt for his very existence in the household: when he wonders whether it would be such a bad thing if their uncooperative nanny quit, Kate tells him, "Frankly, it would be easier if you left.

The Untold Truth Of Patricia Heaton

If best-selling novels succeed because they "tap into" something in the culture, surely this woman's helpless anger at the man who she thought was going to share her domestic burden accounts in part for the book's immense popularity.

Pearson told an interviewer, "Until they program men to notice you're out of toilet paper, a happy domestic life will always be up to women"-a sentiment almost unanimously held by the working mothers I know.

What we've learned during this thirty-year grand experiment is that men can be cajoled into doing all sorts of household tasks, but they will not do them the way a woman would. They will bathe the children, but they will not straighten the bath mat and wring out the washcloths; they will drop a toddler off at nursery school, but they won't spend ten minutes chatting with the teacher and collecting the art projects.

They will, in other words, do what men have always done: reduce a job to its simplest essentials and utterly ignore the fillips and niceties that women tend to regard as equally essential.

And a lot of women feel cheated and angry and even-bless their hearts-surprised about this.

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Video Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude Photos Spark Controversy - 24/7 Coverage of Breaking News and Live Events. Return to Live Coverage "I'm Even if you want to, at this time in your life, you can't be perfect," she explains. "It's not that you hate it, or that you're upset about it, but it is our reality Patricia Heaton, a star of Everybody Loves Raymond, has published a memoir called Motherhood and Hollywood, in which she observes, "Sex? Forget about it. I mean that literally."Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

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