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Maybe you've always wanted to go in through the back door, but haven't had the chance to cross it off your sexual bucket list yet. No matter your experience level, you might be in search of tips to make your next anal sex experience the best it can be-and who better to guide you than Dr. Zhana Vrangalova , LELO sexpert and NYU professor of human sexuality? With her help, we assembled a guide to anal sex for beginner and advanced practitioners, from the hottest positions to the best toys to add an extra boost of pleasure. Here's how to have mind-blowing anal sex, whether it's your first or five-hundredth time. Before you even think about approaching the back door, you need to have "the talk" with your partner. Find out if you're both on the same page about experimenting with butt stuff-and if it turns out they're not into it, do not pressure them.

A warm shower can both help clean and relax you. Make sure both your toy and your hands are thoroughly washed.

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Lube helps with ease of insertion, prevents injury, and makes playing with anal sex toys much more pleasurable. Also important: when using a silicone sex toy, you must use a water-based lubricant.

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Silicone-based lubricant can cause silicone-based sex toys to break down over time. Set up your space to make yourself comfortable. Consider beginning with whatever normally gets you aroused. Remember, anal play should just be added pleasure at first. Use lube liberally.

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We suggest starting with fingering and helping the sphincter get flexible. Lube up your toy, and slowly insert. With beginner sex toys generally utilizing a tapered design, you can easily remain at different widths for minutes at a time.

Pleasurable anal sex

You only have to go as deep as you want. Go deep, and focus on aiming for the prostate.

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Many beginners will try easy positions such as lying in bed on their back, in a fetal position, or on all fours. Remember, if you have a suction-cup dildo, that anal toy can attach to any flat surface, such as a wall, shower, or chair.

As you get used to the pleasurable sensations of basic anal play, you can always ramp up to bigger toys, or toys with added vibration. Though traditionally taboo, enjoying anal masturbation with the help of a sex toy is far from shameful. Gay or straight, using anal sex toys is a self-affirming way for you to experience the most intense, pleasurable orgasms possible. Adding anal play can open up a whole new world of sensation, and our toys will help you get there.

Keep scrolling to peruse a wide selection of high-quality toys, and make sure to stock up on water-based lubricant and antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

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Other partner toys like strap-ons or two-person toys are also available. Penis Pumps.

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Backdoor Butt Toys Anal Sex Toys For Men The Best Anal Toys for Men Dildos, Probes, and Butt Beads When surveying our premiere collection of anal dildosanal vibrators, probes, butt plugsand balls, we acknowledge that the variety may feel intimidating.

What is anal play?

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So why is using anal sex toys more pleasurable? How do I know my anal sex toy is safe? Penetration Even the stiffest anal toys have carefully shaped tips so that well-prepped, lube-assisted insertion should always be comfortable. Safe materials Anal sex toys come in a wide variety of materials.

How do I choose the right anal sex toy for me? Butt Plugs Butt plugs are simple, bulb-shaped toys with a flared base. Anal beads come in a wide variety of diameters and are completely customizable Removing the beads during orgasm heightens stimulation of the sphincter muscles You only need to insert as many beads as you are comfortable with: great for beginners Highly recommended addition to other types of masturbation for even more intensity Anal Probes Because of their shape, anal probes are one of the best toys for beginners.

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Another great option is b-Vibe's Novice Plug. Unlike a butt plug - which is only meant to go in and stay in - anal beads were designed to stimulated inside the body AND move in an out of the bum. The beads are inserted into the anus one at a time, creating a sensual feeling of fullness. They are then pulled out at varying speeds, depending on the desired effect.

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As the beads are removed, they arouse the sensitive nerve endings of the double ringed sphincter muscle. This stimulation creates a series of pleasurable sensations, like having a muscle massaged.

Answer (1 of 53): I had been doing anal sex wrong for years before I finally learned myself how to properly prepare for and receive a hard cock in my asshole. Now that I learned the proper way to do anal, it feels so amazing and nasty at the same time. I love that my ass stretches to accommodate Jun 25,   The anus is full of nerve endings, making it very sensitive, and many people find anal sex pleasurable. An estimated 90of men who have sex with men and as many as 5to 10of sexually active Aug 02,   The thought of using anal sex toys for the first time can be daunting. There are a lot of taboos, tall tales and a good deal of misinformation that can confuse people, and cause fear

BUY NOW INYA Super Soft and Stretchy Medium Anal Beads, Lovehoney, ? When starting off, I suggest choosing something small and preferably with beads that graduate in size. This allows the user to start with the smallest beads and then work towards larger beads as they become comfortable with the sensation.

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This is especially important when choosing butt plugs, because they vary hugely in size depending upon your experience level and needs. Start with smaller sized products, and slowly work up to larger sizes. Graduating in size can be done over the course of weeks, months, or not at all - stop whenever you feel comfortable.

Apr 17,   The ins and outs of anal sex, including the best tips, positions, and toys recommended by a sex expert. No matter what your anal experience, you'll find something useful May 14,   These are the most comfortable and pleasurable anal sex positions for women, according to sex experts. Find out more here

Since butt plugs and anal beads can be enjoyed hands-free, they should always have a flared base. A flared base prevents the toy from being inserted entirely and makes retrieval not only easy but possible. If you are new to anal sex toys, start off by wearing it for short periods of time.

When it comes to any kind of anal play, using lubricant is essential. The anus does not lubricate naturally like the vagina, so you need to help it out a bit.

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Since a butt plug can stay in the body for long periods of time, you should always apply enough lubricant to ensure the easy and pleasurable removal of the plug. Our motto is 'Slow and Slippery'. BUY NOW Liquid Silk Lubricant, Lovehoney, ? Avoid low-grade materials, including petroleum products that can irritate the lining of the anal canal.

Always buy 'body-safe', hypoallergenic, latex-free, and phthalate-free products. BUY NOW Rosebuds Stainless Steel Small Jewelled Butt Plug, Lovehoney, ? BUY NOW Icicles No 48 Glass Butt Plug with Flower Base, Lovehoney, ? Silicone butt plugs are body-safe, can easily be sanitised and they have a good amount of flexibility, which is particularly important for beginners to anal play.

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BUY NOW Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug, Lovehoney, ? Vibration is a feature of butt plugs that can bring new dimensions to anal pleasure. Butt plugs like b-Vibe's Trio or the Rimming plughave a motor at the tip. This means that they can easily transfer vibration to the prostate in men and male-bodied people, or the perineal sponge and the anterior fornix erogenous zone also known as the A-spot in women and those with vaginas.

Anal training is best done with several anal toys, graduating in size as you get more from zero to the penis is a no-no. The anal sphincter is strong, yet delicate. It's best if you start small, with something like fingers, and then work your way towards something larger such as a butt plug Lube helps with ease of insertion, prevents injury, and makes playing with anal sex toys much more pleasurable. Also important: when using a silicone sex toy, you must use a water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricant can cause silicone-based sex toys to break down over time The abundance of nerve endings in the anal region and rectum can make anal sex pleasurable for men or women. The internal and external sphincter muscles control the opening and closing of the anus; these muscles, which are sensitive membranes made up of many nerve endings, facilitate pleasure or pain during anal sex. Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia states that "the inner third of the anal

Of course they can be, but they can also be the main course. You can wear them for solo pleasure, as part of your masturbation routine, just because they make you feel naughty, or even during a date in public. Each partner can be wearing them during vaginal sex, or during the entire intimate time together.

However, the best thing about butt plugs, is that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. Celebs Love Beauty Fashion Body Subscribe Newsletter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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