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You can never go wrong with a nude lip. It can be the perfect balance to a glamorous smoky eye, or serve as the final touch to a barely-there beauty vibe. But for a shade that's seemingly easy to pull off, finding the perfect natural shade can be surprisingly difficult. If you go too cool, you risk washing out your complexion; too warm and you can wind up looking like you accidentally applied beige foundation all over your lips. From mirror-like glosses to velvety mattes, you also have your pick when it comes to finishes: Channel your inner Lupita Nyong'o and try a high-shine finish, or take a beauty cue from Zendaya and try a satiny formula with just the right amount of sheen. Since we, too, often find ourselves swatching different nude shades in the process of finding our perfect match, we decided to consult the pros to answer any and all questions we have about finding the right hue.

Dedue from Fire Emblem: Three Houses has white hair and brown skin. He hails from Duscur, although whether his coloring is common to all Duscurans is unknown. Catherine is not from Duscur, but possesses noticeably tanned skin and blonde hair. Elena and Urien from Street Fighter IIIthough the latter is notably able to change the color of his skin and hair at will, such as at the beginning of a fight. Birdie from the original game became this when he returned for Street Fighter Alpha.

Drow, as mentioned above, appear in Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights : Hordes of the Underdark had a significant Drow presence in the second chapter and both games have a female Drow Love Interest somewhere Viconia in BG and Nathyrra in NWN. Neverwinter Nights also has the module series A Hunt through the Darkwhich is entirely focused on a drow raiding party. Boman Delgado from Rival Schoolsan American who has his blond hair in a mohawk. The Legend of Zelda : Tetra, from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

But only when she's Tetra, not Zelda. It's possible the implications are she is tanned and her natural skin tone is her Zelda shadethough her swaying skin tone has become a source of debate. Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timethough it's hard to see in the N64 polygon graphics. Official artwork of the character makes it more obvious, as do future appearances. Impa has dark skin and white hair in her Hyrule Warriors incarnation as well.

  Last week's episode featured "Rachel," an actress playing a hairstylist at Harlem barbershop Denny Moe's who is flirting with a Black male patron. When his White girlfriend walks in, she   Pale skin was seen in ancient China as a signifier of being able to stay indoors during the daytime rather than being outside working, and a pale complexion became synonymous with nobility and   'That one has big breasts. But I want a Yazidi with blue eyes and pale skin. I am willing to pay the price': Escaped girl, 18, tells of the day she was sold as a sex slaveEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Many of the Gorons in the series have fair hair or rather, rock formations that they carve into "haircuts" in addition to having dark yellowish-brown skin. This is especially true in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wil where you encounter Gorons with nearly pitch-black skin but the same light hair as the others. There's an entire culture of characters with dark skin and fair hair in Suikoden Tierkreis : the Magedom of Janam.

Plotting the personalities and appearances of ManarilShamsAsa and sundry supported characters between the Dark-Skinned Blond and the Dark-Skinned Redhead is an exercise left to the reader, but the end result is undeniable: Janam and its swarthy, light-haired natives seem downright ''otherworldly''. The World Ends with You takes place in Shibuya, which is full of quirky fashions, so this trope was bount to occur.

Nao Nao, partner of the equally dark-skinned Sota, is classical ganguro, and the game's dialogue plays up her ditziness. There's also a random mind-read about a cop who's looking for a suspect of this description - againin Shibuya. Vaan from Final Fantasy XII. Cid from Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 artworks may indicate that Montblanc is a Dark Skinned Blond, or more of a Dark Furred Blond, that is. The Viera of the Ivalice Alliance tend to have dark skin and white hair.

Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X is a dark-skinned white-haired woman. At least her mimeosome is. Her true appearance has blue skin and slightly darker blue hair that glows faintly.

Ayumi, the protagonist of X-Blades. Bazooka Cafethe Hentai game, has Cocoa the chef. Aisha Sista A from Rumble Roses. Raven from Tekkenwhich shouldn't be strange since he's based on Wesley Snipes -more exactly, his character from Demolition Man see above.

Volsung of Wild ARMs 5 has this going. Zevran and Velanna from Dragon Age: Origins. Coincidentally, they're also both Dalish or at least part, in Zevran's case.

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The redesigned Qunari in Dragon Age II all have grey skin and pale hair along with their horns. Fenris is a borderline example with tanned skin and white hair. Dragon Age: Inquisition : Sera was an example in concept art, but this didn't make it to the actual game. Shania from the Shadow Hearts series is a Native American with dark skin and very light blond hair.

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Harvest Moon has a Fantasy Counterpart Culture that's ambiguously Middle Easternwhere all of the denizens have dark skin and brilliant white-blonde hair.

Originally started with the Wizard from Animal Paradelater games introduced the recurring character Prince Amirand later, a whole host of his countrymen. The Sims : Non Player Characters in The Sims 2 tend to be these or Dark Skinned Redheads far more often than you'd expect in Real Life.

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It's not a very good look on most of them. Ophelia Nigmos and Dina Caliente from The Sims 2. This is also a common trait for NPC Townies, due to the way The Sims 2 randomly generates genetics. There is Lola Belle from The Sims 3 Late Night''. Her hair is obviously dyed though, as her roots are darker than the rest of her hair.

Also, you can make your own dark skinned blondes from scratch. Pokemon : Starting in Pokemon X and Ythe player character customizations can allow this, by dint of the player choosing a dark skin tone and then dyeing their hair at a salon.

  It's the eternal fair skin struggle: we refuse to be anything but pale, yet we live in a world where tanned (and sun-damaged) skin is often chosen in favor of milkier donboscoavellaneda.comully   "Girls with pale skin should wear a nude that has a hint of pink." Celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt created the perfect pinky nude, Surratt Lipslique in Chuchoter, for those of you with fair skin Cousin of the Dark-Skinned Redhead, opposite of Raven Hair, Ivory Skin and the Eerie Pale-Skinned the series is matching Hair Colors to personalities, the Dark-Skinned Blond is often a Dumb Blonde if female (whereas the Dark-Skinned Redhead is often hotheaded). The trope may have some relation to the Ganguro fashion trend that took over Japan for part of The '90s, consisting of

Jynx is now apparently based on the Ganguro trend, though she originally resembled a Yama Uba. The legendary Darkrai has white-ish hair but is otherwise mainly black toned.

Marshal, the fighting-type Elite Four member in Pokemon Black and White.

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From Pokemon X and Ythe female Swimmers are all Dark-Skinned Blondes. Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic from Pokemon GO is not nearly as dark-skinned as Candela, but she's noticeably more tan than Spark, and has platinum-blond hair. Gloria from Devil May Cry 4. She's actually the pale-skinned Trish magically disguised. BlazBlue : Taokaka Later followed by Bullet from Chrono Phantasma. The people of Escondido from Infinite Spacealthough the Basadre clan people have white hair.

Also, Torlo. Dragon Quest : Dragon Quest III : The Female Thief has dark skin and platinum-blond hair. Dragon Quest IX : Stella, The Hero 's Valley Girl Ninja Butterfly Fairy Companion. It's also possible to make a character with this trait. Xiatian from beatmania IIDX. The tan is completely legit from living on a sunny island for several years ; the hair, likewise it's IIDX. The default Male Beast from Phantasy Star Portable 2 who also appears in the intro is a good example of this, although the player usually changes the character to look however they prefer.

See also Laia in Phantasy Star Universe Episode 2. In fact, most Beastmen story NPCs count. All of which are proceeded by Sil'fer and Rio in Phantasy Star Online Episode 3. Elder McNamara in Fallout: New Vegas ; considering he spends most if not all of his time in an underground bunker, it's probably not a tan. The player characters in this and Fallout 3 can be one as well. Your instructor in Pilotwings Resort.

Possibly justified, since the entire game is set on a tropical island. Disgaea : Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Overlord Zenon, both the fake one and the real one Rozalin reverts to. Princess Sapphire Rhodonite from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice and Fenrich from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten are white-haired variations of the trope.

From Nexus WarAngelic characters are an exaggerated version of this trope, with completely pitch black skin and bleach white hair. Myuu from Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburgwho has sandy white hair, blue eyes, and brown skin, plays this straight for foreign flavour. Samantha Pearce in Backyard Sports. According to one of the designers, the ambiguity of her character design is part of what made her endearing to many players, since she is ultimately a product of the viewer's imagination.

Final Fantasy VI. Believe it or not, General Leo is supposed to be this trope. You can see he looks Ambiguously Brown on his in-game portrait, but his sprite makes him look very Caucasian. Another interesting version of this is Zhamo, white-haired and black, arguably the nicest guy in the game. The default palettes of Ms. Fortune and, arguably, Cerebella from Skullgirls.

Arguable in Cerebella's case because her default hair is green, rather than blonde, but most of her other palettes also give her dark skin and very light hair. Sheba from Golden Sun: The Lost Age is one of the more tan player characters and comes from Egypt-like Lalivero.

Also, it's hard to tell because of his hat, but Akafubu of Kibombo is apparently a black man with blonde hair. This makes him one of the only Mars Adepts outside the Mars Clan not to be a Fiery Redhead. Donkey Kong Country. Candy Kong definitely qualifies. From Jet Set Radio Futurewe have Boogie who is blonde and Jazz who has white hair. Kat from Gravity Rush has light blond hair, brownish skin and, oddly enough, red eyes.

Patricia from Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee. Lani from Hot Shots Golf : World Invitational. Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN. The Gofer Sisters in the Otomedius games. They don't exactly get it from their fatherthe giant alien head. Disco Kid in Punch-Out!! Super Macho Man is theoretically of the "surfer with a tan" variety in the Wii version, though what's supposed to be silver-blonde hair just looks grey.

Fierro from Eternal Eden has black skin and white hair and pointed ears, presumably to Foreshadow that he is actually from the World of Shadows. This seems to be common among natives of Eisenberg in Bravely Default. Arcana Heart : Catherine Kyoubashi. Parace L'Sia, the boss of score attack mode. You can invoke this trope in Arc Style: Baseball!! Just give your character blond hair and brown skin.

Mickey and Lou, the leaders of the Highwaymen in Far Cry: New Dawnare African-American women with dyed blonde hair.

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A possible phenotype for every race in Final Fantasy XIV. However, for NPC characters, it's most commonly found with Dunesfold Lalafell, Duskwight Elezen, most Miqo'te, and certain Roegadyn and Au Ra. The other, more temperate-to-cold dwelling races are almost universally fair-skinned. The Conductor from Crypt Of The Necrodancer : Amplified. Their hair is wild, frizzy, jagged, and bright yellowfitting in with their electrical theme, and their skin tone just highlights the color further.

Musume Ronshaku and her friends from Yandere Simulatoras part of their Gyaru Girl fashion style, though it's likely to be artificial. Xehanort, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas of Kingdom Hearts all sport a signature look of dark skin, silver hair and golden eyes.

Hades : Zeus and most of his children in have platinum-blond hair and are brown-skinned. This puts them in contrast with Hades and his son Zagreus, who have Raven Hair, Ivory Skin.

Thanatos, one of Nyx's children, is also like this, having platinum hair and dark skin, which may or may not be a tan from actually walking around in the surface. Theseus has tanned skin and blonde hair. Travis Phelps from SallyFace has brown skin and bright yellow hair. We aren't sure if it's because he's mixed or if this is to match the theme of some characters having unnatural hair colors. Visual Novels. It has been mentioned that this is caused by the strain on his body from tracingand overuse of magic and magical tampering in this series is known to change peoples' appearances.

Sakura Matou should be black haired and blue eyed, like her sister Rin Tohsaka, and Dark Sakura should be purple haire yet it all goes white when she goes crazy. This may also be due to the same reason why Archer looks different from his past self, Shiro. EMIYA, EMIYA Alter, Okita Souji Alter.

The UBW anime also adds Caster's original Master, Atrum Galliasta, who's supposedly part-European and part-Middle Eastern. The original VN didn't provide Caster's summoner a name or physical appearance.

Damon Gant from Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyKristoph and Klavier Gavin from Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyQuercus Alba and Colias Palaeno from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. It should be noted that Gant and Alba's hair are light-colored not because they're blond, but because they're men in their 60's and 70's respectively whose hair has gone grey. Whereas Klavier has highly tanned skin to help with his rock-star appearance Kristoph's skin tone is a bit paler. Danganronpa : Sakura Ogami in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Interestingly, artwork shows that she was paler when she was younger, though she's always had the white hair. In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmonythere's Angie Yonaga, a white-blonde girl of unknown foreign origin with an odd melodic accent and an extreme dedication to her diety, Atua.

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Lena from Missing Stars is a tall German girl with blonde hair and the darkest skin tone of the love interests. Shall We Date? It's justified by him being Dutch rather than Japanese. In The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordre Wiglaf is this as part of the author using him to make fun of Purity Sues.

Word of God from one of the Ustream sessions is that it was to show just how much time he spends outside saving peopleand that the fact there's Swedish surfers who look like Wiglaf does was her proof-of-concept.

In Black AdventuresDream World Landorus has dark orange skin and white hair. This is to tie in with the actual Pokemon with the same color combination. As of Dream World 5Tornadus gets the same treatment, though with moss green skin and white hair.

Shannon from Bloody Urbanwho has sandy blonde hair and dark grey skin. Justified by the fact that he's not human.

Though he still had the same colouring back before the Retconwhen he was a vampire and not a ghoul When the person behind Shine brought Timothy over to But I'm a Cat Personhe kept this trope going, both in his natural hair and in the wig he wears when he's Camellia.

In El Goonish ShiveHanma has dark skin and Mystical White Hair.

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Edgar from the Final Fantasy VI Webcomic is blond, blue-eyed, and very, very tan from living in the desert. This is artistic license, but the artist pulls it off nicely. Girii in Genocide Man is a Double Subversion : a blonde Inuit who jokes about the "ancient tribal secret" called Peroxidebut turns out to be a natural blonde who dyes her roots dark to hide the fact that her family was genetically engineered-a capital crime in the setting.

Jones from Gunnerkrigg Court is olive-complexioned with "dirty blonde" hair. It's also heavily implied that she's not entirely human though she is not a robot. Chapter 40 reveals that she in fact predates all life on the planet, including humanity.

Exaggerated in Its Midnight Somewherewhere all characters seen have jet-black skin and paper-white hair. In Jix Heleatra becomes black with white hair when turned into a human, while she's normally a white-furred alien with black skin.

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Kill Six Billion Demons : In her youth, the God Empress Mottom was one, and was renowned as the World's Most Beautiful Woman. On some occasions, she puts her youthful appearance back on. Lampshaded in Manly Guys Doing Manly Things when the Commander describes himself as Ambiguously Brown and "clashy Malibu platinum-blond". Since he's a vat-grown Super Soldier from a future where the military runs on Rule of Coolit was probably an Invoked Trope. Super Macho Man: You know some of us have to work really hard to look this SoCal Web Original.

In The Gamer's Alliancethe blond Thrax is from the dark-skinned desert elf clans of the Tronin Desert. Helluva Boss : Verosika Mayday's Human Disguise is a dark-skinned woman with long blonde hair. In HomestuckRose, once she goes grimdarkcausing her skin to appear charcoal-colored, among other changes in appearance. The Strider-Lalonde family can also be this normally, as the white skin of all the human characters is intended as a " neutral " base and anyone can imagine them as any race.

RWBY : Sun is a deeply tanned man with very pale blond hair, who looks much darker when standing next to paler-skinned companions such as Blake, Weiss or Ruby. He comes from a desert origin, and has a very mischievious personality to go with his monkey-heritage. He is therefore a fun-loving delinquent, prone to illegally stowing away on ships or stealing food just for the fun of it.

As a result, he enjoys helping out Team RWBY whenever they're bending or breaking the rules to investigate the villains; as he tells the heroes: friends should always get other friends into trouble. Scary Black Man Bobby Jacks from Survival of the Fittest was an African-American with blonde hair. Word of God says that it's dyed. Western Animation. Spyke from X-Men: Evolution and his aunt Storm, though her hair is white and given a Hand Wave by saying that it's a distinguishing trait of her people.

The alternate-universe Hermes from the Futurama episode "The Farnsworth Parabox" has blond hair, while "our" Hermes is a brunette. Most other characters have color differences in their respective universes in this episode.

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Patti Mayonnaise from Doug. Though this is a side-effect of the series' Amazing Technicolor Population more than anything else. Jonathan from Rugratsespecially in his first appearance where he had dark purple skin, although it becomes tan in later episodes. Brianna from the spin-off All Grown Up! is a black girl with dark blonde hair. Tomik and Bellgarde, the "Foreign Guys" from Family Guy.

Xandir from Drawn Together. Ren from The Pirates of Dark Water. Camille Leon from Kim Possible. Considering who her character is based on and the way she acts, it's very likely she just tans a lot. He's also British. Young Justice : Aqualad, who according to the tie-in comic has a white mother and a black father.

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His counterpart in the comics, Jackson Hyde, has black hair. Artemis, whose mother is Asian, is blonde like her Caucasian father.

She's just white in the normal DCU. One of the writers got the idea from a former classmate who was Asian and naturally blonde. Hey Arnold! This is actually shown in the parents' day episode when one of her parents is black. While not as dark as Nadine, Helga's sister Olga has noticeably tanner skin than her parents and sister.

Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan. According to Word of Go she is actually Atlantean living in Africa. Avatar: The Last Airbender : Princess Yue is a white-haired Inukdue to Power Dyes Your Hair note She was born sickly, and needed to be dipped into the pool of Tui and La, the Moon and Ocean Spirits, and their magic bleached her naturally black hair. Jervis Tetch in Batman: The Animated Serieseven before he dyed it "school-bus-yellow". Also known as the Mad Hatter he has unusually dark skin for an evil, British blond as well as an accent that doesn't go with skin tone or teeth.

Portrayed as an anti-social, lab-dwelling nerd, it's highly unlikely that he got out often enough to get a tan, either. In the episode "The Worry Men", where he visits tropical Central America, he covers up with white gloves, sunglasses, and a straw hat.

It's possible the animators darkened his skin just to exaggerate how freakishly blond his hair is. American Dad! Iristhe leader of a roller derby group in "LGBSteve" is another black woman with blonde hair.

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Clawdia Wolf from Monster High is a dark-skinned sunny blonde. Howleen's hair changes but is usually bright orange and yellow. The Simpsons : There exists an episode in which Homer panics over the possibility of his father marrying Marge's mother, convinced that this will make their own marriage incest, and therefore their children will be subject to the "horrifying" consequences of inbreeding.

He then envisions them as three realistically-drawn children with blond hair, tanned skin, five fingers, and blue eyes. His reaction?

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He runs off screaming in terror. Duffman has light blond hair and often, though not consistently, a fake-looking orange tan. This may be to highlight how fake he himself is, being a corporate mascot. Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child has Goldilocks take place in a Caribbean island. The titular character is this, with dark blonde stylized dreadlocks. Dijonay Jones from The Proud Family has brown skin and a blonde ponytail hairstyle.

Dot Starlight from Lalaloopsy has blonde hair and has the darkest skin tone of all the original 8. Riot from Jem has darker skin than most other characters.

  TEEN Mom's Jenelle Evans was slammed after she stripped down and spread her legs in a wild Tik Tok dance after bashing Kailyn Lowry for joining Only Fans. The year-old MTV alum is no

Flashback show it's his natural skin tone and his hair is natural as well, though neither of his parents have his skin tone. Luskey from Transformers: Rescue Bots. Read about them here! Dita Von Teese. Dita's fair skin is part of her signature look, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Amanda Seyfried. The blonde beauty always finds a way to complement her pale skin with makeup that looks natural, yet doesn't wash her out. We love this metallic smoky eye in shades of grey and bronze, rather than black.

Lily Collins showcases one of the many benefits of being pale: It makes bold brows really stand out. Whether her hair is blonde or red, Emma Stone wears her fair skin well.

Bonus points for showing off those fabulous freckles!

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If Gwen Stefani has taught us anything in life, it's that pale skin is at it's most radiant when you have a great bold lip on. Elle Fanning has, from a young age, known how to wear makeup that flatters her skin tone.

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With a bright rosy blush and highlighter on the inner corners of her eyes, she looks downright ethereal. Lipstick in Nude Kate. Another option?

Look for shades with berry undertones or a frosted finish like Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Caramel Glacewhich also look gorgeous against deep skin. If you think finding the perfect nude is only about flattering your skin tone, think again.

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The color of your lips also affects the payoff. The yellow undertones neutralize the blue in your lips, so it appears lighter than your lip tone.

2 days ago  Katy Perry, dark hair, pale skin. There are many celebrities with dark hair and pale skin that are considered beautiful, even sex symbols. For example, take pop super star Katy Perry. She is known for her jet black hair and pale skin, but she is widely considered one of the most attractive women in the music industry   Five fiends took turns raping a terrified teenage girl in a Brooklyn playground Thursday evening, police said on Saturday. The year-old and her , , ,

It's also nice to pick up the natural color in the center of the lips, which tends to be lighter than the outer corners. Why, might you ask? The trick to is to exfoliate first using a lip scrub, like Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Maskto eliminates any rough spots and ensure smooth application. It makes all the difference - we promise!

While some artists like to neutralize any natural lip color with a barely-there amount of foundation, Scibelli warns that a heavy-handed amount can result in a cakey or "corpse-y" effect. If you prefer a nude lipstick that is similar to your skin tone, you'll still want to differentiate your lip color from the rest of your face. For medium skin tones, I usually do a nude berry.

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