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OBJECTIVE: To discuss the assessment and monitoring of mucositis and provide an overview of instruments available to assess or measure mucositis. DATA SOURCE: Published journal articles, texts, and clinical experience. Using valid and reliable measures will foster the ability to predict risk for mucositis and to test the effectiveness of protocols for its prevention and treatment. OBJECTIVE: Oncological treatment can cause changes in the oral cavity compromising oral functions. The aim of the study was, based on a systematic review, to draft a guide directed at the team of health professionals involved in the oral care of oncological patients. METHODS: A systematic search of the literature was performed for articles published between and April Searches were made of electronic databases and hand search.

The inclusion criteria were systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials RCTs and RCTs published in English, involving pediatric and adult oncological patients and focused on the prevention and treatment of oral complications as well as studies addressing the maintenance of oral health.

ORAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT TOOL (OHAT) for NON-DENTAL PROFESSIONALS Primary Care Patient/Client: Initial assessment Repeat assessment 1 2 Date: September modified with permission from Dr. Chalmers Download: or ML van der Horst, D The oral health assessment tool-validity and reliability Oral Health Assessment Tool Healthy Changes Unhealthy Dental Referral Lips n Smooth, pink, moist n Dry, chapped or red at corners n Swelling or lump, red/ white/ulcerated bleeding/ ulcerated at corners * n Yes n No Tongue n Normal moist, roughness, pink n Patchy, fissured, red, coated n Patch that is red and/or white/ulcerated

Among the studies identified, were pre-selected and 54 were selected to form the basis for the clinical guide. RESULTS: The studies analyzed stress the need for oral assessments as well as preventive and curative actions prior to oncological treatment.

Free Oral Assessment Tool Form - Form Download. Oral Assessment Tool Form. rating based on 12, ratings. Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews. Anonymous. Download and use this Oral Assessment Tool for your patients. Oral Assessment Tool Form

To minimize the severity of oral problems, the studies emphasize daily oral care, the treatment of xerostomia with saliva substitute and hydration, and low-level laser therapy, nystatin, acyclovir, respectively, for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis, oral candidiasis, and infection by herpes simplex virus.

Thus, the guide produced addresses oral assessments and professional and home care before, during, and after oncological treatment.

This document reflects what is currently regarded as safe practice. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content at the time of publication, the Cancer Institute NSW does not accept any liability, with respect to loss, damage, injury or expense arising from any such errors or omission in the contents of this work.

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Eilers, J. Berger and M. An oral health assessment does not take very long to do. It can be easily done at the same time as other general health assessments. Six question oral health assessment tool is recommended for older people who can reliably self-report.

The Oral Health Assessment Tool 1 of 2 The Oral Health Assessment Tool With kind permission of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Caring for oral health in Australian residential care . Modified from Kayser-Jones et al. by Chalmers While oral assessment can be applied to almost any kind of learning outcome, it seems to be particularly useful in relation to students' applied problem-solving abilities, where they need to apply what they know to more-or-less complex scenarios. In such contexts, oral assessment can provide insight into students' cognitive processes Oral health assessment tool Organise for resident to have a dental examination by a dentist Resident and/or family or guardian refuses dental treatment Complete oral hygiene care plan and start oral hygiene care interventions for resident Review this resident's oral health again on date: Lips: Smooth, pink, moist Dry, chapped, or red atFile Size: KB

It does not require a clinical assessment. The six oral health questions can be easily integrated into general health assessment and documentation. A 'yes' to any of the following questions about the person's teeth, mouth or dentures indicates the need for a dental referral:.

The Oral Health Assessment Tool OHAT is recommended for older people who are unable to reliably self-report and when a clinical assessment is required. It consists of a visual inspection using eight categories of oral health:.

Seeing a dental professional KB provides an overview of recommended oral health assessment tools, it explains dental referral pathway processes and provides a dental visit checklist to help with planning for the level of assistance required for the dental visit.

The check list gives an overview of information required such as consent, current medical history and medications, appropriate concession cards and consideration of the need for an escort or assistance with transport. The Oral Health Assessment Toolkit for older people KB is to be used in conjunction with the oral health self learning quiz and the oral health assessment demonstration. Having read the Oral Health Assessment Toolkit information, the oral health self learning quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the common oral health conditions experienced by older people.

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It steps through the eight oral health categories using a series of examples to prompt an assessment of whether the example is assessed as healthy, changes or unhealthy. A healthy or changes assessment can be managed by using the Oral Health Care Planning Guidelines KB.

An unhealthy assessment indicates the need for a dental referral.

  Oral mucositis assessment tool; "Development, testing, and application of the oral assessment guide." Oncol Nurs Forum 15(3) Eilers, J. and J. B. Epstein. "Assessment and measurement of oral mucositis." Semin Oncol Nurs 20(1) Read ORAL ASSESSMENT TOOL Name Ward Hospital Number Primary Nurse Tongue Pink and moist 1 Coated 2 Shiny / red 3 Blistered / cracked 4 Teeth or Dentures (Circle) Clean 1 Plaque/debris in localised areas 2 Plaque/debris File Size: KB Background: The Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT) was a component of the Best Practice Oral Health Model for Australian Residential Care study. The OHAT provided institutional carers with a simple, eight category screening tool to assess residents' oral health, including those with by:

This demonstration shows the technique of how to perform an oral health assessment. It takes a step by step approach describing what to look for in relation to each of the eight oral health categories being assessed.

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