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Pakistan is a widely known country that is always in the public eye due to a constant tense military environment. But have you ever thought about Pakistan as the motherland of perfect wives? Have you ever thought of dating a Pakistani woman? Not sure if dating Pakistani girls is a good idea? Keep reading and find out why men who have married Pakistani ladies are lucky ones. According to the local culture, parents protect their daughters from everything and literally hide them from the world.

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Women of this nationality are ready to greet friends with a smile and treats at any time of the day. According to the local culture, guests are believed to fill the house with positive energy when coming in and carrying away all negative when leaving. Therefore, in Pakistan, it is not even necessary to agree time and date of friendly get-togethers in advance.

Everyone is always glad to receive guests and people just visit each other without any invitations. Even if you arrive with a visit unexpectedly, and people are busy, all the businesses can be postponed, and they will certainly treat you to tea.

Even moving to another country, Pakistani women take this tradition together with them. So the men that have married girls of this nationality may be sure that the wives will never embarrass them in front of friends and will arrange decent reception of guests whenever they come.

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Pakistan is an Islamic country. Therefore, women occupy an ambiguous position in society. They have fewer rights than men.

Ladies of this nationality are very hardworking and up-and-coming. Many women from this country work from home. For example, give private lessons to children or open mini beauty salons. Men who have got Pakistani wives are really lucky as women of this nationality make perfect spouses.

They are:. Is this enough to make an ideal wife? We think this is even more than enough!

And what kind of husbands do such ideal women look for? Many girls of this nationality dream of foreign husbands! The majority of local men are bossy, avid, and irresponsible. Furthermore, there is a high unemployment rate in Pakistan. Therefore, women have to look for more attractive men from abroad.

So, just being a foreigner is a big advantage that increases your chances to win the heart of a Pakistani lady.

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And to become even more attractive to women of this nationality, a man should be:. Because according to the local traditions, it is unacceptable for women to get acquainted with strangers. They rarely even talk to strange men.

Pakistani girls are well-mannered. They show respect to other persons and never say too much. You will never be ashamed of such a woman if you introduce her to your circle. Hospitable. Because of the national traditions, Pakistani girls are always glad to meet guests at their place. And they are really good at preparing for house donboscoavellaneda.comted Reading Time: 8 mins   pakistan and pakistanis, pakistani girls i will try to discuss all the problems and informations of pakistani girls and girls education. category archives: pics of paki girls pakistani girls kissing. posted by ali waqas on june 25, pakistani girls kissing   Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: m Profession: Actress. Drum rolls, please! Because we have finally reached the top of this list! And, of course, the most beautiful woman in Pakistan has to be Mahira Khan! You probably first saw and fell in love with her in the wildly popular TV serial Humsafar, and she hasn't looked back since

Moreover, in strict families, girls do not even go outside without their fathers or brothers. Only the most daring women from progressive families in big cities can allow themselves to meet men. Most often this is done in secret from the family and can lead to a big conflict if it becomes known to the parents.

Add a tense military situation in the country to the fact mentioned above. And you will understand that going to Pakistan to meet girls is not a good idea at all. We sure need more celebrities like Hareem Farooq speaking up about these serious issues. Date of Birth: 30 March Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada Height: 1.

After establishing a strong foothold in the Pakistani television industry with shows like Happily Married and Rasm e DuniyaKhan spread her wings and started working on the international level. Writhe - the British film she starred in - was screened at the Cannes Film Festival inwhich led her to become the first Pakistani actress to walk the esteemed Cannes red carpet.

Kudos to her for making her country proud on an international platform! Date of Birth: 15 January Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: 1. It would be an understatement to call Ayeza Khan a prolific actor as she has appeared in no less than 35 TV serials since she debuted in Tum Jo Miley in She then established her prowess as an actress by winning the Lux Style Award for Best Television Actress for her work in Pyarey Afzal in This angelic beauty is a force to be reckoned with as she gives unforgettable performances in every show she appears in.

Date of Birth: 2 August Place of Birth: Lahore, Pakistan Height: 1.

This raven haired beauty started working from a very young age to support her family as her father had passed away when she just 4 years old. Syed managed to make a big name for herself in the fashion industry by appearing on the covers of big international magazines like Vogue, Time, and Marie Claire.

The entrepreneur that she is, she established the International Fashion Academy Pakistan to train aspiring youngsters in fields related to the fashion industry - something she struggled with when she was starting out in her career. Her heart of gold only adds more value to her beauty. Date of Birth: 12 August Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: 1.

She produced and hosted the very first English language bulletin for GEO News. But soon she was bitten by the acting bug she made her debut in the film Yalghaar. Date of Birth: 29 August Place of Birth: New York, USA Height: 1. She had firmly established herself in the fashion industry before moving on to acting.

The role she received the most critical acclaim for and which she is most popular for was of Aiman in Maat. A truly gifted actress, she won international awards like the New York Film Festival Award and the SAARC Film Festival Award for her role in the movie Seedlings.

Date of Birth: 9 June Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: 1. This hazel eyed beauty debuted at the age of 30 in the Pakistani TV serial Meri Behen Maya. She also voiced the character Jiya in the animated series Burka Avenger that got nominated for the International Emmy Kids Awards. A true feminist at heart, Jaffri always aims to play roles of strong, independent women to inspire women around the world.

Date of Birth: 11 December Place of Birth: Kuwait City, Kuwait Height: 1. Born Mona Lizza Hussain, the re-rechristened Sara Loren has had a career trajectory that is drastically different from her Pakistani counterparts. After having a slow start in Lollywood the Pakistani film industryLoren shot to fame when she starred in the Bollywood movie Murder 3 opposite Randeep Hooda. This bold and sensuous beauty then found success in Pakistan as well after she starred in the Urdu movie Anjuman for which she won the Tarang Housefull Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in Date of Birth: 19 December Place of Birth: Lahore, Pakistan Height: 1.

It takes just two words to describe model and actress Iman Ali - breathtakingly beautiful. Though she starred in many Pakistani TV serials like Dil Dekay Jaien Gey, Arman, and Kismatshe shot to worldwide fame with the critically acclaimed movie Khuda Kay Liye for which she won the Lux Style Award for Best Actress in Iman Ali is no beauty without substance, either.

She works to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis in Pakistan, a disease she suffers from. Date of Birth: 30 September Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: 1. Jung stole the hearts of not only Pakistani people but people around the world when she played the character of Sila on the serial Dil-e-Muztar for which she also won the Hum Award For Best Television Sensation Female.

Recently, this bubbly actress became a victim to body shaming online as she gained weight during her pregnancy, which is heartbreaking, to say the least. But she showed the world that she is comfortable in her skin and did not let the haters get her down.

We sure can learn a lot from her! Date of Birth: 20 April Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan Height: 1. Her quick wit and biting sense of humor attracted a whole lot of attention this year when she appeared on the talk show Tonight With HSY.

Date of Birth: 12 October Place of Birth: Lahore, Pakistan Height: 1. So, here are some pieces of advice we recommend you to pay attention to:. If you still have something that is not clear about pretty Pakistani women then read the answers to the most widespread questions about them. In this country, Eastern languages are widespread. The most popular among them is Panjabi. The national one is Urdu.

And the second official language is English. It is taught at schools and other educational institutions. So, the majority of the population has at least the beginner level of this language.

Many girls use online communication. Another very common reason for guys from the United States to date and marry a woman from Pakistan is the number of ladies who use dating services. Indeed, Pakistan is one of the countries where online communication is almost as popular as in-person dating   As it is very hot in Pakistan, girls from this country are used to changing clothes several times a day. So they have a lot of various outfits. Even though requirements for women's clothing in this country are specific (the whole body, including arms and legs, should be covered and there should be a scarf on the head), Pakistani women like to look stylishly and elegantly

Many girls from wealthy families who can afford to study at private schools master English at an advanced level. There is no law that prohibits this in this country.

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They will find a fiance for her by themselves among the local men. These ladies are very good as mothers. Of course, they can cook well and do the cleaning if it is needed. But if the family has enough money, they immediately hire a maid. David Andres is a certified coach in the field of relations between a man and a woman.

Pakistan pusee girls

He is convinced that the difference in mentality is not an obstacle, but an advantage, as it gives more opportunities for the development of relations where each in the couple will be self-sufficient.

Compiling guides on women from different Asian countries, he used his practical experience as a coach to provide you with specific tips and tactics. Skip to content Some materials on this Website could be sponsored. See our Advertising Disclosure for more details. Type of Bride: OBEDIENT WIFE. Visit Site.

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