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What starts off rather sweet and hopeful soon takes a turn into the dark and strange after Grant finally talks Grant into being bitten by the strange bug. Soon follows what some would categorize as date rape and the bug's weird effect soon immobilizes Ben to the point Grant and his friends take advantage of him.

Final, pinoy girl nakahubad agree

As the movie descends into horror, it gets increasingly odd but this works to make it all the more disturbing, and a great gay horror short. Nudity in the form of the new kid in town, Grant, in the school locker room showers, only from the rear a close up but a hint more between the legs as he is spied on by Ben.

Really worth watching this if you are into horror. But, as mentioned, a bit disturbing. Highly recommended for storyline; not much male nudity, but suspenseful suggested sex scenes. Phillip and Dieter nearly suffocate hiding their sexual identity in the face of puritanical small town values.

Joined by a mysterious German relative, the three misfits escape to the big Director: Keith Froelich Stars: Matt KlempRalf SchirgAndrew WoodhouseJerome Samuels.

16/2/  Marami palang nude photos ng mga actor si Ogie Diaz sa kanyang cell phone. Live kasi sa kanyang Teleradyo show sa DZMM, ipinapakita niya ang mga ito kay Aiko Ernie Pecho Tik-Tok Pinoy Girl Bold Dance #short #video#pinoyb+ Subscribe and follow me on ig: @donboscoavellaneda.comojust for funSorry for the low vid quality just trying to post short video

Good gay flick from the 90s with some nice frontal nudity of one of the two young leads Matt Klemp in the very beginning of the movie think undress at the pond, swing on a rope nude and at the end of the movie when one of the two young leads gets up from a mattress and nice penis shot. Storyline decent; highly recommended for male nudity. Unrated min Drama.

Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, mixing the objective reality with the processes of the artistic creation. The story he is filming flounders with his daily life, Director: Julian Hernandez Stars: Hugo CatalanGabino RodriguezAndrea PortalEmilio von Sternerfels. very erotic film with a lot of explicit male frontal nudity and kinkiness including three way sex and an erection of one of the leads. Storyline not that great; highly recommended for male nudity, including one fairly graphic sex scenes, including one erection.

Unrated 98 min Drama, Romance. Director: Etienne Faure Stars: Pierre PrieurAdrian JamesRaquel NaveRebekah Underhill. This film caught me off guard - a gay love affair between the three young male actors sprung up from no where. Maurice moves to NYC from France to start anew and begins work at a club called Bizarre.

The two female owners take a liking to Maurice, but he quickly explores other avenues. Not really a gay-themed movie though, the gay love affair between the three males actors just sort of sneaks in.

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Some good nudity, too, from the lead Maurice, played by the fit and cute Pierre Prieur, who exits a shower completely nude and has all the goods on display. As he watches one of the other members of the eventual gay love affair dry off, Charlie played by Charlie Himmelsteinwe also see his pubes and top part of his penis again. In this scene, we only see Charlie's ass, but when Maurice later in the movie walks in after Charlie has had gay sex with Maurice's roommate, Luka, we see Charlie's fine body including his penis for a few seconds.

Charlie also has a three way with the two female owners, and we get glimpses of his penis, which might be hard and of his balls bouncing around as he does one of them doggie style.

Both Maurice and Charlie are fit and these nude scenes that come out of nowhere make the film worth watching. I recommend this film though it is a bit slow. Enormous tree trunks. The nature of leaves, the roots of desire and a house hidden deep in the forest. A journey to the other side. Something like a "punk" existential fairytale.

Director: Angelos Frantzis Stars: Katia GoulioniIakovos KamhisNathan Pissoort. It is a story with minimal talking, beautiful coastal and mountain scenery and plentiful explicit, un-simulated sex, including a rather erotic underwater oral sex scene between the two youthful and attractive male leads the lead who is underwater takes the other man's penis in his mouth - clearly seen and graphic.

Also a rather graphic masturbation scene with climax in the film, too, so this movie definitely for mature audiences. Movie involves sexual experimentation between the two male leads and the female lead. Movie I believe is of Polish origin - not a lot of gay type films to originate from this country.

Movie seems to have a twist, an exploding car in the very beginning and I won't provide a spoiler. Characters spend a lot of time exploring each other's sexuality. Not much oral communication in the movie, much is implied.

You could just watch this for the erotic scenes and come away somewhat satisfied if that is your bag, or watch the film as a voyeur of the three young people as they experiment.

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Not at all sexploitation, but an honest look at coming of age. Slow moving movie, little dialogue but recommended for male nudity including a graphic oral sex scene if that is your bag!

of the two cute actors, plus a masturbation scene with climax. Morke Rum Perpetual is an unconventional love story that centers around a private booth at a seedy sex club. Director: Peter Ahlen Stars: Nicolas WollesenMads Hjulman Sofie Topp-DuusNikolaj Falko.

The minute short from the Danish Film Institute involves young yr-old Sebastian who is just beginning to explore his sexuality. He meets older Jacob online who takes him to a sex club for his "first" experience. The director does a nice job of showing what a young guy just coming out and exploring his sexuality goes through, both the highs and lows, in this highly recommended short film.

Depending on the version, the actor who plays Sebastian, Nicolas Wollesen, has a very graphic masturbation scene very early in the film that shows his erect penis for seconds as he masturbates. Not a lot more nudity in the film, just an ass shot here and there and one old fellow masturbating in the sex club, though not very graphic. The young actor Nicolas has played in a few Danish TV shows and other films.

This is a mainstream movie with mainstream actors but I found it on xvideos because of the masturbation scene. Those Danes love to throw in a little sex in their movies. Nicolas is excellent in the role of Sebastian. This is a short film I highly recommend.

Recommended for storyline; recommended for male nudity, if only for the graphic but short masturbation scene of the cute lead.

The beautiful and erotic Bramadero finds Hassen and Jonas on the outskirts of Mexico City. Away from it all, they've found a spot where they can seduce one another and merge into one; where Director: Julian Hernandez Stars: Sergio AlmazanCristhian Rodriguez.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance, Thriller. A cruising spot for men, tucked away on the shores of a lake. Franck falls in love with Michel, an attractive, potent and lethally dangerous man. Franck knows this but wants to live out his passion anyway. Director: Alain Guiraudie Stars: Pierre DeladonchampsChristophe PaouPatrick d'AssumcaoJerome Chappatte. A good murder mystery, intrigue and all, but hey, some erotic, graphic sex, too, including a graphic oral sex scene with penis in mouth for a few seconds, a graphic masturbation seen and lots of male nudity.

Set at a male nude beach by a lake, what can you expect. Recommended storyline and recommended for nudity and graphic sex. R min Drama, Romance. After his lover rejects him, a young man trapped by the oppressiveness of Edwardian society tries to come to terms with and accept his sexuality.

Director: James Ivory Stars: James WilbyRupert GravesHugh GrantDenholm Elliott. One of the first gay movies I have seen and one of the best. Some nice male frontal nudity. Good script.

Nice acting jobs. Love this movie. Unrated 92 min Drama, Romance, War. Set in The Netherlands at the end of WW II, this touching story, told in flashbacks, explores the complex and romantic relationship between an adult soldier and a displaced, lonely adolescent boy. Director: Roeland Kerbosch Stars: Maarten SmitAndrew KelleyJeroen KrabbeFreark Smink.

Film about a young boy living in the Netherlands who falls in love with an American soldier during WWII. Not Rated 80 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A gay Internet connection is made, but entanglements ensue due to hiding behind the name and photo of a straight male stripper who happens to return to the area. Director: Glenn Gaylord Stars: Rebekah KochanDaniel SkeltonChris SalvatoreMichael E.

Votes: 3, Simple but workable storyline about a guy named Casey who has a crush on a hot hunk Zack who has just broken up with his boyfriend and is looking everywhere but in the right place which would be?

the witty Casey. Casey has just moved to town and started work at Nail Me nail salon for his new best friend, Tiffani, who tries to help Casey hook up with the hunk, Zach. Along the way, Tiffani's ex-boyfriend Ryan, a straight male stripper, gets pulled into the mix of trying to hook up Casey and Zack including a funny 3-way sex scene.

Variant pinoy girl nakahubad apologise, but, opinion

In the end, all works out well. Funny and irreverent with great one-liners delivered by Tiffani Rebekah Kochan and a great performance by the stripper boyfriend played by Michael E. The story even comes off as a caring exploration of what is true love. I actually liked this movie better and had more laughs than any of the Seth Rogen movies.

For mature audiences as frontal nudity by the hot hunk Zack and the stripper Ryan. Fun for a bored evening. Recommended storyline and recommended for nudity. A fun movie to watch.

Ennis and Jack are two shepherds who develop a sexual and emotional relationship. Their relationship becomes complicated when both of them get married to their respective girlfriends. Director: Ang Lee Stars: Jake GyllenhaalHeath LedgerMichelle WilliamsRandy Quaid. Probably my fave gay movie of all time. Great acting, beautiful scenery, tense storyline enough there to earn this an Academy Award nomination for best film.

Possibly the difference in this and other gay films is that this movie had the luxury of Hollywood-type major funding. Highly recommended title. R min Drama. In Mexico, two teenage boys and an attractive older woman embark on a road trip and learn a thing or two about life, friendship, sex, and each other. Director: Alfonso Cuaron Stars: Maribel VerduGael Garcia BernalDaniel Gimenez CachoAna Lopez Mercado.

In high school, I took my girlfriend yes to see this movie, and had to sit on the front row because we arrived just before the movie started. I was unaware that BOOM! a fairly hardcore sex scene opened the movie with no warning. I felt like we were so close to the screen we were a part of it, me focused on the nude cute male. I came out shortly after that, thanks Gael Garcia Bernal, who still makes me go ga ga!

Anyway, two male close friends find themselves in intimate situations as they make a road trip with a female friend - with each other and with the female. The handsome Gael Garcia Bernal plays one of the leads. Nudity by both actors including frontals though one penis purportedly a "fake" in the shower scene.

Lots of graphic sex scenes, simulated.

Reunion of yesteryear's sex princesses. Once upon a time, there was Alma Moreno, followed on the hot trail by (in this order) Rosanna Roces, Ara Mina and

Lots of eye candy. Movie takes an honest look at how the boundaries of friendship can be crossed in a moment of passion, and the aftermath and consequences. Fairly intense movie that will definitely hold your attention. Highly recommended storyline; some very good male nudity of the young actors. Unrated 73 min Drama, Romance. An edgy drama about a gay teen's tumultuous decent into drugs and anonymous sex, Wrecked smashes cinematic taboos while it spins its cautionary tale. Ryan is an earnest year-old trying Directors: Bernard ShumanskiHarry Shumanski Stars: Forth RichardsBenji CrisnisTheo MontgomeryWomack Daryl.

Mixed up gay youth looking for their way in life experiment with drugs and sex strangely, no rock n' roll in this film brought to you by the same folks who brought you Blackmail Boys. One oral sex scene by one of the younger actors though seen through a foggy shower wall and other graphic scenes of masturbation, including the cutest of the three male leads in an unsimulated masturbation scene that includes shot of the actor stroking himself.

Toward the end of the movie, all three of the lead characters menage a trois, groping at each other's erections which are clearly seen on camera. I really can't remember what happened at the end of the movie though.

opinion, you

Not fun to watch unless you wanna see 3 young actors graphically groping at each other's privates. Well, I will say the acting is fairly decent by the three so I won't short change them. Not a great storyline; some good male nudity. R 94 min Drama. A closeted teenage street punk takes up with the latest roughed-up gay victim of his bullying gang, which does not set well with the gang's drugged-up, brotherly leader.

Directors: Simon PearceChristian Martin Stars: Wayne VirgoMarc LaurentTom BottAlice Payne. Fairly intense boy-meets-boy, falls in love story, but with a twist.

Gang member Cal Wayne Virgoa closeted gay, comes to the defense of innocent gay teen Olivier after Cal's gang begins beating him. Cal is ostracized from his gang, which includes his best friend Jonno. The upper class Olivier invites Cal to stay with him as Cal avoids threats of violence from his former gang, who discover Cal's hidden gay past.

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Sparks fly and a relationship forms, but will Cal's terrible past come back to haunt him? Fairly watchable film shot in England. I give this film a 6 of Manages to form realistic characters.

A lot of frontal nudity and graphic simulated sex scenes throughout. Graphic rape and harsh language. A film that stands enough on its own to warrant a watch.

Unrated 48 min Drama. In this short motion picture, schoolboy Kees is intelligent, introvert and sensitive, but gets ridiculed verbally and physically at an all-boys school by mindlessly cocky class mates and Director: Frank Krom Stars: Tjebbo GerritsmaSimon GriblingJoost HienenGeert Hunaerts.

A gay film from made in the Netherlands that was one of the first gay films I ever saw. I don't see it on many watchlists or talked about much so I consider it obscure. Fairly short film but very intense and very well made.

Illustrates the loneliness and victimization of gay youth, especially prior to the s. Story involves the cute Kees who attends an all-boys school where bullying is the norm. Kees has a secret crush on the athletic Charel, one of the bullies. The bullies torment Kees in the lockerroom at school one afternoon, forcibly stripping him of his underwear as they mock him. Kees later devises a plan of revenge or is it? in which he invites Charel over. A fairly intense ending to a glimpse into the life of an introverted gay teen male.

Parental advisory: full frontal of Kees in the locker room scene where he is stripped by bullies. Geert Hunaerts does an outstanding job as the tormented youth Kees. Worth a watch if you can find it. Recommended storyline. Unrated 69 min Romance, Thriller.

A sweet and sexually explicit love story becomes an exhilarating extortion tale for two boys, Aaron, and Sam, who plot to blackmail a prominent religious figure.

Are pinoy girl nakahubad for support

Directors: Bernard ShumanskiRichard Shumanski Stars: Nathan AdloffTaylor Ree Joe SwanbergDanny Rhodes. Two young male devise a plan to blackmail an anti-gay religious figure by secretly filming a gay sexual encounter with a male prostitute.

Graphic masturbation scene. Not a great movie actually bad but I guess OK if you are bored. Not Rated 97 min Drama, Romance.

After a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what's expected to be just a one-night stand becomes something else, something special.

Director: Andrew Haigh Stars: Tom CullenChris NewJonathan RaceLaura Freeman. Boy meets boy: boys have 2-day fling that turns into something deeper than either character anticipated. Russell picks up Glen both early 30 somethings in a gay bar and takes him home.

After a night of passionate sex, the two characters connect on many levels and have the beginnings of a deep relationship, but an unexpected obstacle - at least for Russell - arises. Will there be a happy ending for both characters? More loneliness for Russell?

Pataasan sa daluyan "Pataasan ng Ihi" Bilang Pangangatwiran: Politikal na Diskurso ng Taumbayan sa mga Kuwentong Bayan ng Aklan ni John E. Barrios A ng salitang "pataasan ng ihi" ay isang metaporikal na lengguwahe na tumutukoy sa isang gawain na sa pamamagitan ng pagkukuwentuhan ay may nangyayaring pagpapasikatan episode 7 reaction of rising of the shield herotagalog People are being exposed to affairs in Filipino films; this study evaluated how extramarital affairs are represented in Philippine cinema. It study focused on the infidelity presented among selected Filipino movies from to the present

Weekend offers up a realistic gay love story with meaningful dialogue, realistic scenarios. Anyone who has spent much time in the gay life-style will likely find much to relate to in this simple yet powerful story that perfectly illustrates the trials and tribulations of many gay men. One of the best gay movies I have seen. Some nude scenes by both male leads and some fairly graphic simulated sex scenes, but nothing too overboard. A sexually ambiguous Frenchman tours his native countryside with his naive American lover in pursuit of the ultimate thrill.

From the moment they meet, brooding Chris and the beautiful Directors: Pascal Arnol Jean-Marc Barr Stars: Lizzie BrocherePierre PerrierJean-Marc BarrGray Orsatelli. Will throw this into the gay category as the main character is a hustler type turned on by women but who has an obsession with gay men. Lead Pierre Perrier's penis fully shown as is another attractive actor's. Dark, sometimes disturbing movie that has its fair share of violence and sex.

Unrated 88 min Drama, Thriller. A first person narrative of the exploits of a gay serial killer in deeply disturbing, controversial drama about violence, sexuality, and the imagination. Dennis, the main character, whose Director: Todd Verow Stars: Michael GuntherCraig ChesterMichael StockRaoul O'Connell.

Director: Patrice Chereau Stars: Jean-Hugues AngladeVittorio MezzogiornoRoland BertinLisa Kreuzer. young man finding his sexuality takes up with a hustler. Explicit frontal nudity of the lead actors.

Unrated 96 min Crime, Drama, Romance. Dark, dangerous and supremely sexy, Our Paradise casts a thrilling glance at the lives of two rentboys in the heart of Paris. Director: Gael Morel Stars: Stephane RideauDimitri DurdaineBeatrice DalleDidier Flamand.

Older hustler befriends and begins relationship with a younger hustler and their journey turns violent. Frontal of both leads including the cute younger hustler.

Good storyline and worth watchi. Unrated 72 min Drama. Between Gennevilliers and New York, Omar and Emmanuel go to great lengths to prove to each other they're no longer in love.

Director: Christophe Honore Stars: Francois SagatOmar Ben SellemChiara MastroianniRabah Zahi. explicit unsimulated masturbation scene, erections and lots of male frontal nudity in a movie that seems to be all about kinky sex.

Two gay teenage runaways thrown out of their repressive homes try to survive on the streets of Prague. Hunger and desperation forces them into a life of prostitution, drugs, and teen-porn. Director: Wiktor Grodecki Stars: Miroslav CaslavkaDavid SvecPavel SkripalKostas Zerdolaglu. young male prostitute stands in a "statue" type position on top of a revolving table and is seen completely nude.

Good movie but disturbing images. Worth a watch.

good result

Unrated 86 min Drama, Romance. Annecy is no tourist destination for three working-class Algerian brothers and their father, in the months after their mother has died. Marc is deeply troubled: he tries to stiff drug Director: Gael Morel Stars: Nicolas CazaleStephane RideauThomas DumerchezSalim Kechiouche. Great full male nudity in this intense flick filled with homo-erotica. Three working-class Algerian brothers find life rough in this steamy, somewhat violent movie.

One of the brothers, all of which are very hot, has a scene where pulls down his shorts in front of a mirror and trims his pubes with full penis on display.

nice message Yes

In another very homo erotic scene, the three brothers are asleep, all nude, The camera pans over two of them, revealing hot bodies and two penis closeups. I highly recommend for story and some great full frontal male nudity.


TV-MA 96 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. Modern retelling of Hansel and Gretel. After committing a murder, a young couple on the run find refuge in a remote cottage in the woods, where they become trapped by the perverse hermit who lives there. Director: Francois Ozon Stars: Natacha RegnierJeremie RenierPredrag 'Miki' ManojlovicSalim Kechiouche. Saw this movie a few years ago. Really great shower voyeur type scene where the two main characters spy on their future murder victim, played by Salim Kechiouche, while he is showering.

Very cute guy, hot hot body and a good look at this privates. The male lead, played by the cute Jeremie Renier, is later captured and held by a troll type character who eventually rapes him in his cabin in the woods. Strange movie but interesting. Director: Marc Saltarelli Stars: Christian MouselZachary VazquezLogan Hilyar Victoria Redstall. Terrible storyline but lots of frontal male nudity with the camera focused on the privates of the male models. R min Drama, Music, Romance.

Paul, a handsome and talented music student is employed as the page-turner at one of the world famous pianist Kennington's concerts in San Francisco. Director: Ventura Pons Stars: Paul RhysKevin BishopJuliet StevensonAllan Corduner. Unrated min Drama, Romance. Four stories of love and disgust between men of different generations facing their conflicts and their fears.

Director: Sergio Tovar Velarde Stars: Antonio VelazquezAlejandro de la Madri Cesar RamosGustavo Egelhaaf. Four stories intermittently told; all are very heartfelt.

Enjoyed it even with the english subtitles. One story of a very young man who is forced to come out to his parents when his best friend in junior high school "turns" on him and beats him up for feeling him up. Will his father eventually accept him? Another tale where an old man continues to hit on a very hot hustler in a bathhouse.

A strange friendship ensues. Male nudity spread through out, and some simulated sex, but one hot scene where the hot looking hustler teases the older man in a bathhouse early in the movie very nice body and "D!

Movie is worth watching and recommended. Four somewhat interesting stories; male nudity decent. Unrated min Comedy, Drama, Romance.

An Argentine hustler finds himself in a love triangle with a portly Belgian baker and the baker's comely employee.

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Director: David Lambert Stars: Nahuel Perez BiscayartJean-Michel BalthazarMonia ChokriAugustin Legrand. Fairly graphic opening scene of the French actor on webcam, shows his erect penis protruding from his shorts as he plays with it, then shows his erection and graphic masturbation for a few short seconds. Not really erotic, but explicit. Movie is about a french guy who travels to the u.

to live with a baker, but he falls in love with a girl.

Pinoy girl nakahubad

Not the greatest movie of all time. Not recommended for storyline. Director: Darius Clark Monroe Stars: Harvey Gardner MooreAlani Ilongwe.

Gay short film easily found by googling. Film centers around a black man hosting another black man for a dinner.

The guest strips naked in the kitchen and tries to come on to the other Not very erotic but a nice extended shot of the d.

Not Rated 74 min Drama, Horror, Thriller. About Us Contact Us Advertise Privacy Policy Member Agreement Copyright Notice Copyright © Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. Pang Movies. Mga aktor naglipana ang mga hubad na picture, pasa-pasa sa cell phone. RAP - Ernie Pecho - Pang-masa. Cory iniiwan-iwan sa iba ang sariling radio show Kung palaging late o absent ang isang host ng isang Teleradyo show, tulad ni Cory Quirino ng Ma-Beauty Po Naman, bakit itinutuloy pa ang kanyang show?

6/10/  Guilli to friends and family, "Ka Iniong" to his comrades and the people he knew in the countryside, the native of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan was laid to rest on Sunday, October 1. An only child, Guilli hardly fit the stereotype of the activist-revolutionary. 'Wag Ka Nang Umiyak'. The rock ballad by Sugarfree with, on hindsight, the Directors: Simon Pearce, Christian Martin | Stars: Wayne Virgo, Marc Laurent, Tom Bott, Alice Payne. Votes: 2, Fairly intense boy-meets-boy, falls in love story, but with a twist. Gang member Cal (Wayne Virgo), a closeted gay, comes to the defense of innocent gay teen Olivier after Cal's gang begins beating him 8/4/  Usapan na naman ngayon ang mga sex videos, dahil doon sa sinasabing sex video raw ni Mark Herras na kanyang ikinaila na, noon pa man. Hindi lang naman si Mark ang nagkaroon ng sex video na Ed de Leon

Trillanes nagre-require ng lie detector test sa mga testigo Tama ang suggestion ni Sen. Aktres na ubod ng taray mula ulo hanggang paa kung laitin ng followers Patuloy na nilalait at minumura mula ulo hanggang paa ng mga online basher ang aktres na sobrang taray magsalita at magsulat sa kanyang Twitter.

Derek nahihirapang maghanap ng kapalit ni Angelica One of the most appealing male stars si Derek Ramsay kaya incredible na hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa siya maka-move on after his break-up with Angelica PaA­nganiban. CORY QUIRINO DEREK JON IBA KANYANG KUNG SHOW. vivo introduces next imagery master in X70 co-engineered with Zeiss.

OneXafe immutable storage is key vs data loss. Cantilan Bank launches mobile banking app to help digitize and empower rural communities. Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc. offers life changing solutions.

Pinay beauty BIGO LIVE / Nagpasilip (hindi padaw siya nakapag ahit??) ??DON'T SKIP??

Christmas: Making it personal at SM Malls. Globe launches hybrid store for its essential products and services. Take the natural route for oral care, choose Splat. Ate Vi At Willie, atras sa ! Sharon, nagkasakit sa Amerika! By Salve V. Asis October 8, - am. Matindi ang salpukan sa VP race nina Sen. Tito Sotto at Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. Chair Rachel, babalikan ang dating posisyon.

By Lolit Solis October 8, - am. Papasok pala uli sa pulitika ang fave chairwoman natin ng MTRCB na si Chair Rachel Arenas, Salve.

Sabagay, bago ang MTRCB dating congresswoman ng Pangasinan si Ms. Rachel at she was doing so well sa distrito niya Mother Lily, tahimik sa mga tutulungang kandidato. By Baby E October 8, - am.

read this theme

Intriga pa rin kami to the max, Salve A. Kailan magkakaroon ng sariling anak, Piolo nagpaka-yaya kay Scarlet. By Vinia Vivar October 8, - am. Ikinaaliw ng netizens ang isang araw na pagbe-baby sit ni Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual sa anak nina Dra.

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho na si Scarlet Snow Belo. Sharon mahihirapanSen. Kiko, Bise Presidente ni VP Leni. By Nitz Miralles October 8, - am. Breaking news kahapon na si Senator Kiko Pangilinan ang pinili ni Vice President Leni Robredo na kanyang maging vice president. Kapag tinanggap ni Sen. Kiko ang offer ni VP Leni, magkakaproblema nang slight si Sharon Mga artistang hahabol sa paghain ng kandidatura, inaabangan ngayong araw. By Aster Amoyo October 8, - am.

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Huling araw ng filing ng COC Certificate of Candidacy ng mga tatakbo sa May elections ngayong araw ng Biyernes, Oct. Philippines logs 9, new COVID cases. The Philippines yesterday logged below 10, cases of COVID in a single day after almost two months, according to the COVID DOH. The National Privacy Commission is looking into reports of smishing or phishing carried out through unsolicited text messages EDITORIAL - Restricting the unvaccinated.

In the United States, sweeping COVID vaccination requirements have been ordered by President Joe Biden, covering not only

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