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Y'know, I'm still surprised you didn't do a chairtied pic with these two to go alongside this one. Great picture and i would love to play pokemon chairtied also you have to make me comfy because i want to play it for a long time anyone want to help me out with that? I love it kris and lyra don't get enough damsel art but i love whitney and jasmine the most there hasn't been many did art of them. Captured girls. They are both adorable! Both positions are nice, but the hogtied. I don't know.

This means the tough and capable Pokemon Trainer we knew largely gave way for a sideline cheerleader, losing her spunk and charm. I know some fans will want her as number one, and I respect that, but for me there's one girl who tops even Misty.

In a way, Serena is the original companion to Ash. No, she wasn't in the first Pokemon season, but as we see in Pokemon X and Y, she encountered and befriended Ash years before Misty did. Like many of us, Serena isn't sure of what she wants to do with her life.

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Her mother wishes her to become a Pokemon Racer similar to a real-world horse jockeyand but Serena disobeys her mother's wishes, eventually deciding to become a Pokemon Performer. Pretty cool to see a realistic mother-daughter relationship explored. Okay, so this isn't Citizen Kanebut Pokemon fans appreciate it when the human characters serve as more than just generic molds to capture the Pokemon.

For her quirkiness, empathetic nature, and development, Serena is undoubtedly my favorite Pokemon girl.

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Even though the Pokemon anime is geared towards children, adults and old fans can nonetheless appreciate the depth, music, and diversity of more recent seasons. With new adventures on the horizon, plus the revamped formula courtesy of Pokemon GOthe future looks bright for Poke-fanatics.

But for now, feel free to vote for your favorite girl, and I'll see you at our next countdown! Question: If Ash from Pokemon had to choose between Misty and Serena, who would he pick?

Answer: Ash has always been pretty oblivious when it comes to romance, but considering he's actually aware of Serena's feelings towards him, she might have the advantage over Misty. Answer: She liked him and wanted to give a memorable farewell. Her crush on him is pretty blatant throughout the series.

Answer: Officially, I truly doubt it Pokemon is reluctant for Ash to grow up or have an official girlfriend. Unofficially, I don't think it's beyond reason to believe they might end up together. Answer: Her relevance and growth basically halted once Togepi came along. She battled much less frequently and grew far less interesting, in my humble opinion.

Answer: She doesn't. Don't get me wrong, Serena does very well for someone so young, but she has her share of losses she didn't win the championship.

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She also has a spotty battle record, but that's understandable considering battling isn't her interest. Answer: Old female protagonists have a history of making guest appearances in the next series, but given the new art style, this may be the anime to buck the trend, especially since we already got a Misty reappearance.

Answer: Yes, it's producing further seasons and utilizing a polarizing new art style. Answer: I'm glad you enjoy her. Try not to let others' opinions detract you from your own. I admit I caught more of Black and White in the English dub than sub which typically isn't smartand I recall Iris constantly berating Ash and generally being a nuisance. Additionally, of all the shipping out there with the main girls, I'd argue there's the least evidence for an Ash-Iris, meaning there wasn't a romantic subplot for fans to follow.

But again, you're more than entitled to your opinion, and even people who disagree like myself can admit Iris has some strengths. Question: Wasn't Togepi a good thing as it softened Misty's character? But to each their own! Answer: Thanks for the idea; maybe a few seasons from now I'll make a new female companion countdown.

I just think misty gets too much hate. When misty was there, ash had some character, he was witty, overconfident, sarcastic and overall way more fun to watch than a can do no wrong perfect bland anime protagonist.

I HATE MISTY!! Misty just gets too much of importance just because she was the first female traveling companion of Ash. Serena and Ash should end up together. Is Iris really that bad? I mean, besides calling Ash a kid, she is one of the better supporting characters. No one can replace serena and it would be the best thing that would happen in pokemon if serena travels back with Ash.

My opinion 6 misty I hate her because of her fanbaseher fan base is bunch of genwunners also she didn't had much character development. I assume those who hate her are among people whose ship is not getting support mostly pokeshippers whose fanbase is decreasing gradually and there no valid reason to hate Serena anymore.

I support pokeshipping. In my opinion it was always Misty whom Ash gave a bit more attention than the rest female characters.

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The quarrels between them keep on bringing them closer. But she left ,that breaks my heart. I have shipped them before I knew what shipping was. is a website. We want to give pokemon entertainment that best suits you, all for free! Explore the Pokemon girls tied up collection - the favourite images chosen by kidusa on DeviantArt   Pokemon Hogtied. By. nivek Favourites. 47 Comments. 16K Views. bondage gagged hogtied kris lyra pokemon clothgag otngag. Commission by. Kris and Lyra from the Pokemon

She saved Ash's life. Misty is best for Ash and the best poke girl for me. Mallow - She's basically a plank of wood who's the most shafted member of the SM cast. Lillie - She had potential to be 1 or at least claim a spot in my Top 3 and I hoped that she would've, but she had everything pretty much given to her on a silver platter and wound up feeling like a Mary Sue rather than interesting character.

Serena - I could write a whole essay on how much I love Serena, but I'll just say she's the best character of the anime easily and the one character I got invested in more than anyone else. She felt the most human, the most realistic, she is simply the best. Unoriginal 1, but hey, originality is dead. Eyen if they are just an anime,serena is more pretty as compared to other poke girls and she's the best;thus far for me.

Honestly i loved all of them because they each had their own different personalities my least favorite would have to be May because i never saw the series she was in, my favorites are Dawn Serena and Iris all because of their clashing personalities and i also like that all of the pokegirls had different goals so i really dont dislike any of the pokegirls.

Ok so I was just scrolling threw the comments and some of them made me laugh. saying "serena isnt best girl cause she cares about something that isnt the main focus of the show" that just made me chuckle. Anyone my top5 has to be. I Liked her alot because of her "ash your such a kid" I thought that could be used for so many akward moments if someone like misty or brock came to unova and she brought that up with him still being I always Thought it looked wierd and unique.

Altho water is my fav "type" I just never really liked misty. I just always liked other pokemon girls better than her.

She just really annoyed me. and there you go thats my list and reasons why. Wait I need to make this exceed chars so lets do that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Why Serena is at the bottom of this list? Serena: A girlie girl who has a crush for the MC? Hell no! I really can't stand this kind of romances and crushes. For me at least, she is boring. Soooo boring. Oh please, Ash at least makes some progress unlike her. Also, This is not what a Gym Leader should be. That, and she doesn't have any real development.

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All her role in the story is either chasing Ash for no real reason or showing how stupid he is. Her relationships with her brother and Ash and even Serena are all nice. Being a dragon type trainer is enough for me to love her without thinking twice. Damn best wishes. She should has full party of six DRAGON TYPE pokemon. Nuff said. Oh and her relationship with Max. I just love sibling bonds okay. Dawn She is sooo cute and so friendly.

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Also she is a good battler inspite of being more involved in contests. Best pokegirl 4ever! May is definitely my fav pokegirl.

she's just so adorable and cool I love all her pokemon plus she introduced me into pokemon contests which made watching and playing the games so much better. Guys, no one's bashing Diamond and Pearl. I prefer other seasons, but we all have our own favorites. I don't hate Dawn, but in my humble opinion, she bore too many similarities to May, which causes me to rank her a bit lower.

If you disagree, that's fine-but kindly remember to respect the opinions of others. Come on its a competition of best pokegirl not a beauty contest hate you serena. other girls are more active,more focused and more intellegent than her Serena is horrible.

she cares more about fashion than pokemon. misty deserves to be on top. or iris. dont go by looks-serena is a horrible trainer. in my opinion sarena was the best pokegirl. but dawn should not be in last position. she should be in 2nd or 3rd position. i realy hate dawn but dawn is one of the best pokegirl after sarena and may in my opinion. I like Misty most but I hate Serena she was not very powerful opponent in pokemon xy she only look cute.

I like only Misty really.

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I don't understand why peoples hate misty she just hate bugs everyone hates atleast one thing in life misty also and if you doesn't hate anything than i can say that you are like PHAT. I know that you are a amourshipper and you will never let anyone top from her but it doesn't mean that you will say that other pokegirls are not good they have their own personality. Serena is the best.

Sure, she's girly and has a crush on Ash. But she's the only one who actually KISSED Ash. You heard me.

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Go search it up and search uncensored serena kissing ash. She's this authors favorite cause she's kind, nice, and really compassionate. So don't hate. Actually i hate only serena her look is most beautiful than other pokegirls but she is boring,annowing,girly,and the most hated thing about her is that she has a stupid crush on Ash.

Ash helped her because she needed it but if there would be any other pokegirl instead her than she would just thank him and be friend with him I cant really explained well for me I would rather pick Serena because in the series of pokemon xy Serena and ash meet there were child in the professor oak summer and after Serena hurt is toe or knee well ash managed to help Serena out to cure his broken knee and Serena felt shock because he was help by ash and I didn't know that Serena has a huge crush on ash.

Misty is best for ash and me alsoshe is perfect for everything all love misty than Serena.

Pokemon girl hogtied

Serena worst ever. Couldn't have agreed more better Jeremy. That list was perfect! Although Dawn is my fav pokegirl, I kind of agree having Serena on the top. mainly because I am a hardcore amourshipper! BTW for those Serena and Dawn haters, SWAMPERT SMASH!!!! I dont hate her but i dislike her character, she threads bug pokemons like trash and is obsessed by it. They have a heart and soul too.

As a gym leader she totally missed her duty and job and is the worst gym leader ever. Why iris? Because shes the fucking 8th gym leader and a dragon trainer too but cant grow up a little axew as a normal trainer and train with it very effective, but shes a nice girl and has at least a good personallity and respects everyone and trys to be on others place Not like that precious miss misty.

Haruka is from all pokegirls the best, she is strong, smart, careful, calm and respects at least bug pokemons : hehe. At the start she said she dont like really pokemon but after a few episodes she growd very quickly with experiences, i have nothing to say against her, shes perfect and really strong, she definetily can take her dads place as a gym leader. Why serena? Ps: bug isnt my fav typ grass is my fav typi just hate it how bugs is disgusted by miss precious.

I feel really sad for them. Dawn, i may not have watched the DP series but in BW i can tell that she has been a great friend to ash and that he supports her whenever she is nervous. May, at one point i couldn't decide between may or dawn but then i remembered that may looked luke more interested in drew and drew gave her roses, helped her a few times and she is the only coordinator he has respect for.

  As in orange generation in Pokemon we have seen that when Misty was going to Dany at the top of the mountain Ash fall down and that shows that he was very sad to see that Misty first don't ask about in orange generation when Rudy said that this match I will win for only the girl who I like (misty) then Ash said in anger it's very Ash has gone to catch a ghost Pokemon in   10 Leafeon. # in the poke-dex, and the second of four Eevee evolutions in this article, Leafeon is a photosynthesizing, clean-air-breathing cutie that uses many of the same charms, and defense-lowering techniques as Sylveon, Explore the pokemon girl tied up and gagged collection - the favourite images chosen by tomy on DeviantArt

Iris, she doen't really like ash much and keeps teasing him saying that he is a little kid. As in orange generation in Pokemon we have seen that when Misty was going to Dany at the top of the mountain Ash fall down and that shows that he was very sad to see that Misty first don't ask about ash. Also in orange generation when Rudy said that this match I will win for only the girl who I like misty then Ash said in anger it's very good. When Ash has gone to catch a ghost Pokemon in lavender town the Gastly ,Haunter and Gengar take out the spirit of Ash and Pikachu and fly high it and he decided to make some fun with Misty and when he do it Misty was very tenson about Ash and it shows how it cares for it and and Ash also care for Misty and said to the ghost Pokemon to leave to his body and when Ash open his eyes he sees Misty and call her first and Misty rubs her head and smiles it shows that how they care for each other.

At the last episode of the x and y Serena kisses Ash and in lips but there should be red lines on below in his eyes that shows that they love each other but it was not there and Ash only loves Misty. Misty is the best girl for Ash and also Misty cares a lot for Ash and Ash too.

Look I think Ash should just ship with all of them I mean ain't we supposed to catch them all. I LOVE SERENA I have only watched the one series and she is great but you forgot one companion and that is the girl from sun and moon I forget her name since I haven't watched the series but I have played the hole moon game so yah I still think Serena is the best and that she should admit her feelings to ash and one more thing I plan to be in the Pokemon anime if that is even possible lol I want to be a new friend of Serena's named valerie I'M A CRAZY PERSON AREN'T I LIKE SERIOUSLY I WANT TO BE IN THE POKEMON ANIME LIKE WHO DOESN'T THOUGHT IT'S THE BEST FREAKING SHOW ON EARTH AM I RIGHT LOL.

The beauty of the poke-world, and perhaps one of its more deadly creatures for it, Milotic is no Pokemon to take lightly. Able to become nearly invisible due to its speed, Leafeon can then sing a dulcet tune to put its enemies to sleep, opening up attacks with sharp-edged leaves, which can also be sent as homing leaves towards a moving target.

A war-dancer, this little, cutesy, woodland creature can dance away to amp up its power, while draining nutrients from its enemies, and healing itself via the power of the Sun.

The dulcet singing voice of the unsuspecting Leafeon can quickly turn into a roar that frightens away opponents, and if its energy is drained too much from battle, it can then brighten up the sunshine to make a beautiful day, and use the energy gained from the light to lay waste.

In search of others of its own kind, the nearly extinct st member of the poke-dex, Lapras is a truly peaceful creature whose gentle heart works to refrain from fighting, but whose intelligence allows it to face combat, and live to tell another day, free from confine. Able to sing a soothing lullaby to makes its enemies and prospective captors fall into a deep slumber, as well as a perishing song that causes the listener to faint, Lapras' focus is not typically on offense, but that hardly makes it a dull or weak-willed little sissy.

Able to cloak itself in a white mist, and shoot a ray of confusion at its enemies, Lapras is also capable of slamming its hefty body onto opponents, freezing water into chunks of ice to be hurled forth, performing a rain dance to energize itself, as well as utilizing the pressure washer of death referenced above with Suicine.

A cute and cuddly looking creature, ready to make an escape, even by way of sheer force. An evolution of the goofy-looking Goomy, Goodra sits at in the poke-dex, and is a seemingly friendly-dragon type who would much rather hug its trainer, covering him in slime, rather than use violence.

Of course, like many of these unsuspecting, girly PokemonGoodra can pack one hell of a punch: in fact, it can pack one hundred pro-boxing punches into a single punch. If put upon, Goodra can become outraged, but after firing off some devastating blows, can become confused. In spite of the confusion, Goodra can protect itself well while being attacked, and has no qualms with tossing muddy water in its enemies' eyes.

A dragon Pokemonthere are of course some mighty, heaving breath attacks that inflict incredible damage. A very girly-looking Pokemon it is pretty clear, nonetheless, that one wouldn't want to piss off this friendly, but flailing dragon: udonboscoavellaneda.comedictable, and unhindered by aggression, even if it doesn't enjoy it. Able to freeze the air around it, Glaceon can create a diamond-dust-like flurry to storm its enemies.

It can also freeze its fur in order to shoot individual hairs as ice needles.

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Able still to charm, and lower the defenses of would-be opponents like other Eevee evolutions, Glaceon is more concerned with offensive strikes, summoning hailstorms and blizzards, throwing chunks of ice, and ripping things apart with its cold-damaging teeth.

It seems to be that the feline feel adds to the femininity of many Pokemonespecially when evolved from the classic Eevee, but for some reason, in spite of how ferocious so many felines are in the real world, they are not taken quite so seriously in the poke-realm. Surely to the detriment of many would-be poke-masters. Gardevoir, an evolution of the Ralts Pokemonand in the poke-dex, at the risk of losing its own life will, to protect its trainer, expend its psychokinetic energy in order to distort dimensions and create a black hole, through which the trainer and, if lucky, it can escape.

This self-sacrificing, perhaps bordering on suicidal Pokemoncan also relinquish its ability to continue fighting in order for a companion to return to the fray at full health. In spite of this Pokemon 's suicidal tendencies, Gardevoir can harness the power of the Moon to blast targets away, and can protect itself by covering terrain in a deep mist, while teleporting to safety, or making a wish for more health which, after a full turn, is granted by half.

This seemingly distressed damsel, though perhaps holding on to a death wish, is still a formidable, and feminine Pokemonto be sure, and in spite of its eccentricities, can certainly hold its own in battle, and protect its trainer in the process.

The fourth, and final Eevee evolution in this article, Espeon sits at in the poke-dex, and though seemingly a sweet little kitty with some odd, extra features, Espeon is far more: it is a very sensitive Pokemon indeed.


So sensitive that its fur can sense even the slightest shifts in the air, predict weather, and even predict the thoughts of its enemies. This frisky feline can be a very loyal Pokemonbut only if it finds its trainer worthy of such loyalty. It is said that Espeon's predictive fur developed as a means to protect its worthy trainer.

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In addition to the typical charms and seductions of the Eevee evolutions, Espeon fights dirty by kicking dirt into the eyes of its enemies and also uses its telekinetic abilities to confuse them. Shooting star-shaped rays of psychic energy may be considered girly, but that doesn't change the effect it has on its target. It is certainly safe to say that Eevee has many a conniving and destructive evolution, and girly or not, they mean business.

Jynx, evolution of Smoochum, in the poke-dex and part of the originalis perhaps the most girly Pokemon one could venture a guess at. Clad in a red dress, blond hair, and big red lips, this frighteningly seducing Pokemon gyrates its hips in an alluring rhythm that compels others to shake their hips also.

Jynx is a very odd-looking, and acting creature. Using kisses to either drain energy from, or put to sleep enemies, she may then follow up with a damaging lick or two, wake up the foe with a slap, play cute, stamp on the opponent's heart, then fake tears to further lower defences before shooting a mean look, and dealing all manner of cold damage via powdery snow, ice punching, avalanches, and blizzards.

This damsel in feigned distress comes off as that vicious ex one used to love, before the honeymoon phase wore off, and the three month probation, warding off the insanity, was finally up. It makes sense that this girly Pokemon would be so viewed, but this is also the very reason why Jynx is so powerful: she's just like life. An evolution of Fennekin, Delphox sits as in the poke-dex, and is a sweet, sissy-looking, psychic force to be reckoned with.

Commission Sonia Clophen 3 Pokemon Trainer Iris (Champion Swimsuit) FankiFalu Mature content. Delia Ketchum FanArt 2 (Bikini) ModernCrusader20 2 Pokemon Trainer Serena (Green Swimsuit) FankiFalu 30 Pokemon Trainer Dawn (Pink Swimsuit) FankiFalu Mature content. Mom Lana Milf (Pokemon sol y luna) MrFhox 39 0 The following is a list of female characters appearing in any Pokemon media. Trending pages. Delia Ketchum. Jessie. Serena (anime) Misty (anime) Chloe Cerise. Dawn (anime) Bea Explore the Pokemon girls collection - the favourite images chosen by Goldy on DeviantArt

Able to bring itself into a focused state, Delphox can see into the future, allowing it to strategize and attack without warning.

The foolery, and deception of this creature doesn't end there. In addition to its future sight, Delphox can switch items with its opponent faster than can be seen, and can also play the mimic, exactly copying the skills of said opponent, making this foxy Pokemonwithout direct skills of confusion, a very confusing creature. Delphox's arsenal is not limited to trickery, however: it is a heavily fire-based Pokemon that can generate a 2, degrees Celsius vortex of flame in which enemies are swept up and incinerated.

It can also wreath itself in flame upon attack, as well as conjure a flamethrower, a blast of all-consuming fire, and a mystical fire, lowering a target's SP. Seems this foxy Pokemon is on fire. Why, one might be inclined to ask? Because Arceus, according to the legends of Sinnoh, emerged from an egg, before the universe even existed not going to fight the logic here it's Pokemon after alland subsequently shaped every ct of the poke-world.

This piece could end right here, proving that feminine Pokemon are very true to life: they may not be the head, but they are the neck, and the neck controls the head. Being able to cure itself of impairing effects, and harness cosmic powers to raise its defenses and attack powers, Arceus is heavy duty in defense, and even heavier in offense, especially given its ability to alter gravity to ground opponents, as well as its ability to cause the ground to then erupt with phenomenal power.

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If no other Pokemon seemed to particularly stand out in this list, this elegant, ethereal, and awesome Pokemon must. The sweet, and endearing, and often mistaken Absol sits in the poke-dex, and is considered by many to be the "disaster Pokemon ".

The reason for this assumed harbinger of doom is due to Absol's ability to foresee natural disasters, and its desire to warn people. Unfortunately the appearance of this warm-hearted Pokemon has been taken as impending doom, and not compassionate warning.

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